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Employee scheduling software. Manage open shifts and schedule your workforce.

Proven Staff Scheduling Software

Time360 is a proven scheduling solution used by large hospital systems and by complex medical practices employing thousands of physicians, nurses, and administrative staff.

Time360 is trusted by world class healthcare providers such as:

Doctor's Health Group

"I recommend this program 100% and it makes the scheduling portion of my job much easier."

-Clara, Scheduling Manager

Employee Scheduling Made Easy

Using our advanced scheduling features such as Copy Forward and Self-Scheduling our customers create staggering numbers of shifts in a few mouse clicks!

  • Copy Forward is Time360’s innovative recurring shift scheduling tool. Simply click the shift to "Copy" and save your new schedule.

  • Self-Scheduling is our unique approach to collaborative scheduling. Add Open Shifts to a calendar and allow staff members to claim the shifts they prefer using mobile devices. Approve the requests and the schedule is complete - happy employees and happier customers.

Simple. Scheduling.

Our scheduling app is so easy to learn you will be a scheduling ninja in a couple of minutes. View the entire week's schedule, move shifts easily from person to person and day to day with an intuitive drag-and-drop calendar interface.

Forget wasting hours using paper schedules, spreadsheets, or whiteboards. Time 360 was developed to solve scheduling challenges. Try the 30 day free demo (no credit card required) and see for yourself...

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Time360 uses a powerful drag and drop interface that puts you in control. Invite staff members to the scheduling system with a single email. Instantly schedule a shift with a couple of mouse clicks. Click the publish button and staff members receive their schedule instantly via email or text. Time360 is the solution to your scheduling problems.

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