Time360's Scheduling Software Invite Screen

Connect with Employees in Real Time

Setup workers on the calendar with a couple clicks. Begin scheduling instantly. Automated email or text notifications ensure that everyone is notified of shift assignments or schedule changes.

Self Scheduling eliminates the hard work associated with finding the right resource for an available shift. No need to spend countless hours calling staff members seeking someone to work an available shift. You define the open shift, sit back, and let our intelligent system do the heavy-lifting.

Experience the power of cloud - your calendar(s) is available any time, from anywhere.

Save time and money using our automated tools.

Spend Less Time Scheduling

Reduce time spent scheduling by up to 80%. Start scheduling with only two pieces of information for employees - name and emaill.

Complex schedules can be created in seconds using our interactive calendar.

Create it once and Copy Forward. Schedule months in advance with only a couple of clicks.

Save time and energy while ensuring all shifts are covered by allowing staff members to participate in the scheduling process. Time360’s Shift Trading functionality helps eliminate no-shows, or painful last-minute searches for someone to work an unexpected open shift. An employee who is unable to work a particular shift can offer it to a colleague using our simple interface. Shift Trading eliminates the need to spend hours locating resources to cover shifts.

Custom settings govern the entire Shift Trading process. Disable Shift Trading completely, require Scheduler approval before processing trades, or allow employees to trade shifts amongst themselves without intervention. Time360’s Shift Trading conforms to your operation.

  • Shift coverage made easy – let your employees participate in the scheduling process by identifying colleagues who are willing to cover shifts
  • Improved Communication – Everyone is kept informed of any shift trades in real-time. Alerts are dispatched immediately when a trade is proposed and accepted or declined. If enabled, alerts are also sent immediately to Schedulers.
Staff Hours Report
Visually clear Overtime Indicators

Easy Scheduling - Monitor Overtime

Simple drag and drop interface makes scheduling fun. Drag your employee's name to a timeslot then press publish.

NO OVERTIME Time360 features overtime prevention tools to help you maintain your budget. Realtime visual inticators ensure you meet your scheduling objectives. Set maximum hours for each employee for the week or month.

It has never been easier to schedule staff. Be sure to sign up for our free (no credit card required trial).

Multiple Locations - Many Job Roles

Unlimited schedule hierarchy allows you to create a complete picture of your business and zoom into the detail for specific positions at a location.

Eliminate scheduling conflicts! See an individual's availability across all schedules. System intelligence prevents scheduling the same employee for multiple shifts and prevents overtime across multiple schedules.

Time360's Innovative Scheduling Drag-and-Drop Interface
Approve or deny PTO with a click

Paid Time Off (PTO) Made Simple

Employees can quickly submit PTO requests in Time360. Managers may approve or deny PTO with one tap or click.

After a request is received, Time360 automatically sends an email to the employee’s manager with a summary of the request and links to approve or deny the request. All the information you need is just a click away!

Multiple Schedulers

Our flexible permissions accomodate your workflows. Grant scheduling permissions to a single scheduler or any number of individuals responsible for scheduling staff.

The beautifully simple calendar inferface requires no training.

Granular worker and scheduler permissions

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