Scheduling Software for Hospitalists

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Balancing schedules in hospitalist groups is a struggle. You must ensure the continuity of patient care while meeting the scheduling preferences of individual providers. Time360 makes it easy to do both.


The hospitalist movement is still growing rapidly and many hospitalist groups have engaged Time360 to help overcome scheduling challenges. Hospitalist programs have to balance staff PTO requests, fluctuating patient census numbers, or acuity-based staffing. Low morale, burn-out, and turnover are issues that plague hospitalist programs that utilize poor scheduling practices.


Time360 allows hospitalists to participate in scheduling - thereby improving physician satisfaction. Schedule hospitalists on time every time using Time360 - the easiest online hospitalist scheduling program.



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Our Hospitalist Staffing Solution Offers:

Create Perfect Schedules

Staff visibility, multiple calendars, overtime tracking, PTO management, shifts and schedules.

Clear Communication

Real-time scheduling changes and notifications by e-mail and text message.

Fast and Simple Scheduling

Optimize your operation by spending less time creating schedules and ensuring the right resources are scheduled at the right time.

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