Restaurant Shift Scheduling Made Fun

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Restaurant scheduling is a challenging process. With so many positions to consider and so many shifts to cover, there is a good chance that you spend hours each week creating schedules. From hosts and servers to the back of the house, everything has to be covered. Weekends, holidays, special events, and parties add another layer of complexity to an already overwhelming scheduling process.

Time360 offers seamless schedule creation with its simple calendar interface, Copy Forward, Shift Trading, and Open Shift functionality. Restaurant managers who use Time360 spend less time scheduling and more time focusing on core business functions such as marketing and improving efficiency.

Employees who work in establishments that utilize Time360 are happier employees. Time360 users:

  • receive their schedules immediately via email or text message
  • are notified instantly of any schedule changes
  • participate in the scheduling process by claiming Open Shifts
  • and are able to trade shifts to colleagues when unexpected events prevent them from working their assigned shift.

Our application:

Creates schedules in minutes

Spend time focusing on the aspects of your business that generate revenue and increase profitability. Let Time360 take care of the scheduling process. With a simple calendar and mobile access, you can schedule your team easily and from anywhere.

Reduce Employee Turnover

With Time360, employees have real-time access to their schedules. As changes are distributed, email and text messages are dispatched to workers.

Affordable Scheduling

For the cost of a few designer coffees you can enjoy a month long subscription to Time360. Schedule resources in seconds. Avoid paying overtime using our overtime indicator and insightful reports.

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